Monday, December 19, 2011

Goodbye School...

I don't want to write about all the goodbyes because after three weeks at home I can still feel the anxiety and emotions of leaving the village, but I do want to write about the goodbye party the school held for me :)

The week before I left I started getting comments from the kids of "did the principal tell you we will have a party?" and "we will eat with you next week" and "i drew you a picture but I lost it..." but no one seemed to want to tell me when it was happening. Eventually I found out the day and when I was supposed to show up. I was a little nervous but super excited to spend some time with 77 kids and three teachers :)

So all the kids were in front of the school lined up when I showed up, and the infant one teacher started. She brought her adorable 4-6 year olds out to sing to me. Oh my gosh I love those kids. Then three standard 1-3 kids sang me a song and gave me a packet. The packet had a letter, a drawing or both from every child in the school! Even the infants that can't write yet tried to copy "we love you miss megan" and their name down onto a piece of paper with some artistic touches. They are so cute!

So after all of that and some hugs, we all went to have lunch together. My last day with the feeding program. Thanks Irma and Luisa for cooking a beautiful Belizean meal for my last day at school. Of course they still haven't figured out how much I eat so in actuality I didn't cook for the next two meals afterward :)

The day finished with just lots of games, hugs, pictures, and playing around at school. I got more hugs from Israel than anyone. He is my 6 year old little man. He gives me hugs everyday and says "my miss megan don't leave me". I couldn't walk anywhere without him attached to my waist. It made things a little complicated but he is a cute kid. When I first got to the village he is the one I could never get to go home from school and I finally learned all he wanted was to shake my hand before going home.

I will never forget these kids :) They may have driven me crazy some days but they really blessed my time and kept me laughing most of the days :)

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